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Stainless Steel
Rewarding Career
A career must be rewarding. It is not charity for your boss. We must be able to earn more than sufficient, experience stability and see upward progression. This pendant will serve as the last piece of puzzle to complete your career path. It promises benefactors, nobleman (helpful people), promotion, career and success. There are two powerful Taoist Incantations - first is the incantation for smooth progress in one's career, career protection and transformation of any bad luck into good luck. Second is the incantation of promotion with increment of income.

This pendant will invite you supporter, helpful person or nobleman best for inviting wealth, fortune, good relationship, social life, networking luck, success in career and promotion. It is best used to triumph in ones career, sales and marketing line and business.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 0.75x1 in
Weight: 50g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11696st
Unrestrained Happiness
If you feel constrained or bothered by obstacles and blockages, you are not completely happy. This pendant blesses one with unrestrained happiness. The ring has two poweful mantras:
1. The all time favorite mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM" from the Goddess of Compassion Kwan Yin. The Goddess of Compassion (Avalokitesvara) will help you overcome sickness, family problems, relationship problems, career problem, conceiving problem, children problems, overcome death of loved ones, all forms of stress, examination problems and other types of bad luck. Besides overcoming problems, the mantra can also bring about good luck and protection. Mantras are actually powerful scriptures that invoke spiritual guardians or divine help in times of need. They are the sacred version of positive affirmations that work wonders in times of uncertainty, danger and weakness.
2. MANTRA FOR SUPER PURIFICATION - One recitation purifies 100 million eons of negative karmas.
List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel and Blue Sapphire
Dimension(in): 0.5x0.75 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11697
Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11697st
Phoenix Feather
Good reputation can bring you many good returns. When you have a flawless image, you are actually raising your chances towards success in every aspect of your life, especially in your career, in business, in politics, in social aspect and even in your love life. A good name will enable you to grab the spotlight and eliminate skeptism. You win half the battle in gaining something if you are well liked by your peers and top management. Even if you are already successful, but it could still spawn jealous people who will run you down until you collapse to the bottom. This pendant combined the forces of increasing your influential luck as well as vanquishing venomous petty persons who gossip and causing too much trouble to you. The feather being the abstract representation of the phoenix will invoke unlimited good name, reputation and recognition for your efforts. That means, end of the day, people will remember you for your contributions and you will be well rewarded. Inscribed with a powerful mantra of fame behind it, your path to Hall of Fame in people's heart will become a reality.
List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Rose Gold
Dimension(in): 0.6x2 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11698
Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11698st
Magnifying Sales
Those in sales or business will fall in love with this pendant because it will attract customers unendingly. It has a secret ancient taoist incantation from the God of Profit which was a trade secret for merchants in ancient china. This powerful pendant promises profit, profit and profit. We are not kidding, it was recorded in an ancient Chinese Book of Zhou Dynasty, that the God of Profit blesses one with "three times of profit". This pendant will benefit anything that involves PROFIT, normally related to investment, business, sales, share market, multi-layer-marketing, trustfunds, real estate and so forth. For example it will benefit:
1. investment/sales starters seeking success.
2. an ailing investment/sales seeking for revival.
3. a stagnant investment/sales seeking to see improvement in profit.

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 0.6x1.2 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11700
Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11700st

Unfolding Relationship
This is a love charm that protects one from being separated from their loved ones. It creates a romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels that could lead to separation. For existing couples, it can move past negativity and return passion to a relationship. It can also attract lost love back and binding two people back together. It will stop interference from friends and relatives and allow two people to love each other, stay connected and develop their unfolding relationship in peace.One would gain complete happiness in love.
1. Igniting sparks back into a love relationship.
2. Instill harmony and affection for married couples. Preventing separation and divorce.

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 0.5x1.2 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11701
Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11701st

Ill Winds Antidote
This pendant is a very powerful antidote against monthly ill winds, all forms of deadly viruses and even possesses curitive properties against cancer. Health is true wealth. We cannot afford to fall sick because of many reasons. We need a healthy body to be able to free ourselves from bodily sufferings so that we can obtain better quality of life. We cannot afford to fall sick especially during recession because medical costs are too expensive to bear. We need to stay healthy to be at full potential and to earn a better living. We need to be free from diseases in order to be happy in life. The list goes on and this tells us how important our health is. This pendant has three sacred health and longevity mantras:
1. Medicine Buddha Mantra ( Bhaisajyaguru) - "Tayatha Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Randze Samu Gate Soha " - to increase longevity, remove sufferings from diseases, cure illnesses and especially to clear the obstacle of untimely death.
2. Amitayus Mantra - "Om Ah Ma Ra Ni Ze Vin Ta Ye Svaha" - to increase longevity, merit and wisdom and especially to clear the obstacle of untimely death.
3. Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri Mantra - "Om Mayura Krante Svaha". Simply recite three times at your convenience. It not only help in easing and eliminating diseases, but also natural disasters, robberies, snatch thieves, and even sleep better.

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 0.6x1.3 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11704
Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11704st

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