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Introducing Spring Liao's Feng Shui Cards

      Today feng shui has become so popular that more and more fortunate people are seeking for more of its products to invite luck, prosperity, good health and good relationship into their lives.

      We would like to introduce you to check out some of the most beautiful feng shui cards we have seen in the market that are being printed from the original drawings of Spring Liao, a person with much wisdom and spiritual warmth. Spring Liao is a Chinese American who lives in California and used to be our regular customer who quickly turned into a good friend of our Feng Shui Scholars. She often exchanged her knowledge in feng shui and never get bored of having lengthy discussions with our Feng Shui Scholars. We later admire her more after finding out about her being a talented chinese artist.

Potrait of Spring Liao

      Her passion for chinese art as a hobby and her strong belief in buddhism, coupled with her deep knowledge in Feng Shui had paved way for her to build a wealth of excellent greeting cards to cheer up all festivities and suitable for all seasons. For those who love authentic chinese painting would be able to find a lot of embedded feng shui and spiritual secrets in her masterpieces. She had drawn every piece of art with a good heart and her mind filled with lots of joy and serenity.

      Check her website (www.springsgreetingcards.com) out today and find a new idea of sending a card for your beloved friends, spouses, lover, relatives and colleagues.

One of her masterpieces for lovers - Mandarin Ducks with Peonies

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