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Bamboo Flutes - Dark Walnut
List Price:USD35
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Bamboo
Color: Dark Brown
Dimension(in): 0.75x0.75x12 in each
Weight: 120g pair
ID: SL4501

3-Pairs Special
Our Price:USD39.88
ID: SL4501set
set (3 pairs)

It is rather rare to find any other Feng Shui item that could replace Bamboo Flutes for the so many positive aspects it has. Bamboo is an auspicious plant that represents peace and safety. The presence of bamboo brings good fortune, luck and prosperity. Besides, bamboo being a very tough plant also provides very good support. It is the most potent energizer as a strengthener for our life aspirations. They could be placed in certain angles according to the bagua aspirations to enhance our inspirations. The other positive aspect of bamboo is its ability to ward off evil spirits/ghost and harmful people who wants to sabotage you. It provide strong protection for you against any form of harm, including driving away burglars and attracting important networks.

Strengthening your aspirations using bamboo flute that is angled according to angles of 8-aspiration bagua
Be sure to get the real "Feng Shui flutes" that are made from bamboo for effectiveness. Bamboo material is the key consideration to tap for positive results because they possess mysterious spiritual powers to enhance auspicious chi. Our bamboo flutes are imported from China and are specially made with dimensions and certain blow holes for Feng Shui usage. They are beautifully painted in dark brown and tied with strong red thread, tassels and good fortune mystic knots for excellent fortune luck.
There are so many ways you can use the bamboo flutes to correct or enhance your Feng Shui:
1. To blow off harmful chi exerted downward for beams on the ceiling. Hang a pair of flutes 45 degrees each at both edges of the beam (mimic the top half of a bagua shape). This is especially important if your bed or sitting area is under the beams. The beams will cause too much harm to you, including fatality.
2. For unleveled ceilings which creates oppressing energy at the lower end of the ceiling you can also hang two flutes 45 degrees each (mimic the top half of the bagua) at the walls directly lower than the edge of the oppressing chi from the ceiling.
3. Hang bamboo flutes next to the cash register 45 degrees angle with right side higher and left side lower (mouthpiece always lower) to simulate the bagua wealth corner. This will ensure your business will boom in the short term.
4. Angled correctly, the bamboo flute can enhance your life according to the aspirations you desires in 8 Aspirations Theory. The angles are placed in such a way that they represent the sides of the Bagua 8-Aspirations.Please check out the pictures above for illustrations on how to STRENGTHEN your aspirations.
5.To ensure chi coming into any of your doors is nourished, hang a flute horizontally on top of your door (inside room). This is especially useful if your garage directly links to your living room or kitchen. The bad chi from your car engine could be detrimental to the chi that directly enter the doors to your living room or kitchen. It will also provide protection against harmful forces of evil.

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