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Bronze Monkey Holding Seal Atop Elephant - SOLDOUT and DISCONTINUED

List Price:USD88
Material: Bonze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 4x2x4.5 in
Weight: 500g
ID: SL10778

Product Description
Monkey sitting on elephant will help you get the highest position possible in your career when one is already in a high position, but seeking to go even higher. In represents stability of an important position in the company. This symbol will keep you there so that you will never get overthrown away. The monkey signifies the duke which is a senior position in chinese officials. It is the second highest ranking lord among the five ranking lords in ancient China. When it holds the seal it means it has been blessed with a powerful position. Meanwhile the elephant is known for its strength, sagacity and prudence and is one of the four animals representing power or energy, the other three being tiger, leopard and lion. Elephant signifies the prime minister too, because of its chinese naming "hsiang". It is also one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. The monkey on elephant once paid homage to the Buddha to signify acknowledgement of His power over the whole animal creation. Place it at ones sheng chi direction or simply at ones work desk in the office for unbreakable power and authority. It is the best gift for those in the management role.

Where to place this auspicious animal?

The elephant were used in warfare by chinese during ancient times. In fact, during the reign of Kang Hsi, the King of Siam had sent a number of tribute elephants as gifts to the Chinese emperor. Elephant in white color is the purest of all form and is believed by many to be the incarnation of future Buddha. In some countries like Indochina and India, only the Kings are allowed ride on the elephant. It is the symbol of royalty, power and grandness.

In today's competitive environment work environment, this animal together with the monkey can help one win over any tough battle in the office and triumph to the top position. It will not only ensure you go all the way to the top, but also stay there with power and authority. Place the monkey on elephant in the north sector of your living room or work desk to improve your career luck and to enable easier promotional opportunities to the top. One can also place them at their personal "sheng chi" direction according to their kua number. It would also help you gather more support from subordinates and peers, besides having more command over difficult employees. This is because Monkey also signifies authority and ability to command like a duke. This would result in joyful wealth improvement as a result of a successful career in the corporate.

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