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Kitchen Cure for the Northwest

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD32.88
Material: Natural Yellow Jasper
Color: Yellow Jasper
Dimension(in): 2.5x1.8x0.5 in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL10774
2 PCS Special: USD56.88
ID: SL10774st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Finally, those who have kitchens in the Northwest of the house or have their stoves in the NW corner of their kitchen need not worry anymore! This is because the one and only cure in the world is exposed. Having the kitchen in the northwest corner is one of the biggest taboos in feng shui because it signifies fire burning the heaven's gate. This translates to extreme hardship befalling the partriarch of the family. That means any man living in this kind of house will have practically poor reputaion, lousy income, non-promising career and potential bad health in the future. This authentic cure uses the classical 8 trigrams and 5-element methods to counter the fire clashing with the element of the Northwest. It's size is extra large and carved from good grade yellow jasper.

Northwest is the corner of the patriarch, where it should be taken with much care because it represents the father or man of the family. Feng Shui masters will often request home buyers to either reject homes that has the kitchen in the NW or relocate the kitchen to other sectors of the house. This is because fire in the northwest means "fire at the heaven's gate" according to classics. It is one of the hardest to cure afflictions. Some would cure the problem with a large jar of yin water. Unfortunately, water actually clashes with fire and will have a tough fight with it. At the same time, it will also corrode the metal element in the northwest. Therefore, the end results will not bring any good effects.

The best is to cure the kitchen in the northwest with big earth. Big earth can be represented by the Kun trigram. And it is further magnified if one can supplement it with natural stones dug from earth that is yellow in color. Yellow color represents big earth as well. And natural stones dug from earth possess earth energy. Big earth will shut off fire energies and at the same time produce or grow metal energy further in the NW to nourish the partriarch's luck. Also the Kun Trigram which is absolute female will marry the absolute Chien Trigram of the Northwest to create the matrimony of yin-yang perfectly. This is excellent feng shui!

This cure can be displayed either in the vicinity of the stove at the northwest or anywhere in the kitchen at the northwest.

Note: This cure is conceptualized by our in-house Feng Shui Master and produced by Feng Shui Bestbuy.

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