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Elephant of Overcoming Obstacles

List Price:USD98
Material: Exotic Material
Color: Orangy Red Translucent
Dimension(in): 4.7x2.5x4.2 in
Weight: 220g
ID: SL10474

Product Description
This is a special feng shui remedy known as "Jixiang Ruyi" in chinese. When translated into english it means "safe, smooth riding and trouble free". The elephant with its trunk up indicates protection, while the ru yi scepter on top indicates smoothness in undertaking and the magpie brings happy news. The bed of coins and treasure at the feet of the elephant signifies wealth and treasures. This ornament brings people out of troubled times, overcome all types of obstacles, dissolve bad luck, remove stress, kills difficulty and reconcile good fortune by bringing people out of the dark. The elephant promises to stamp on any problems coming your way. Therefore if one is having a spate of bad luck, accidents or troubled times, display this near you as remedy and protection.

Side view

Where to place this object?

The elephant were used in warfare by chinese during ancient times. In fact, during the reign of Kang Hsi, the King of Siam had sent a number of tribute elephants as gifts to the Chinese emperor. In some countries like Indochina and India, only the Kings are allowed ride on the elephant. It is the symbol of royalty, power and grandness. The elephant is known for its confidence, strength, sagacity and prudence and is one of the four animals representing power or energy, the other three being tiger, leopard and lion. Elephant signifies the prime minister too, because of its chinese naming "hsiang". It is also one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.

This ornament is suitable for the following situations:
1. When one finds everything suddenly goes wrong in the life where luck had turned the other way round.
2. When one suddenly gets into trouble at work where everyone goes againts him or her including the lost of support from the boss.
3. When things are moving in the wrong direction and undesired things happen causing losses financially.
4. When unexplained accident after accidents or sickness after sicknesses were experienced.
5. When one suddenly is being betrayed by their close friends or relatives.
6. When there are always obstacles in all their undertakings no matter how well planned it is.
7. When family problems occurs case after case and things go sour.
8. When there is tension, stress, unnecessary worry and depression caused by something unexplained and out of the norm.

Display the ornament in the following areas:
1. For those who would like to display it for personal protection, display it either at your own bedroom, own workdesk or at their personal "sheng chi" direction according to their kua number.
2. To benefit the whole family in terms of safety, protection and assuring all obstacles are overcome, display it prominently at the living room or family room facing the maindoor or any chi entry points.

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