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Three Money Frogs with Crystal Globe

List Price:USD38
Bestbuy: USD16.88
Material: Leaded Glass Crystal Globe/ Resin Frogs
Color: Clear Crystal with Sandblast Globe/ White Frogs
Dimension(in): 2.6x2.6x2.6 in (30mm globe)
Weight: 200g
ID: SL10049


Product Description
This special product has a crystal globe made from high quality man-made crystal standing on an ornament that has three money frogs biting coins. The surface of the globe is embossed with world map, longitudes and latitudes. It will bring you improved relationships to enhance your career and wonderful network enhancement. This crystal globe energizes your mentor luck, business luck, networking, literary pursuits and recognition luck. The money frogs on the other hand will bring you wealth and richness resulting from the types of luck generated from the globe.

What Crystal Globe symbolizes and how to place this object?
Crystal/Lapis Lazulli globes are excellent energizers for academic pursuits and promoting interest in studies. Globes also resemble wisdom, intelligence, smoothness in endeavours and expanded network. Most tycoons, rich people, highly literate people, judges, lawyers and politicians would place a globe on their desks. Globes also bring fame and recognition besides bringing in confidence in people. They are also potent energizer to enhance mentor luck. For businessmen, the globe would secure sales going global. Many logos of firms and successful company uses a globe to signify this.

Earth energy in globes are important to generate wealth and abundance. Crystal globes are made from glass with lead oxide to ensure potency for Feng Shui use. A simple way to recharge the earth energy in a crystal globe is to shine lights on it. Light represent fire element and fire generates earth energy in the crystal globe.

On the other hand, Money Frog (also called Three Legged Toad or Frog or "Chan Chu") is the most significant symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. It is linked to the moon and associated with monetary gain, wealth and good health. Chinese legends had said Money Frog was the wife of one of the the Eight Immortals. She was being punished for stealing the peach from the heaven. Naturally greedy, she craves for money and wherever people see a Three Legged Frog, there is a bed of money surrounding it. For generations since ancient China, this mythical Money Frog is one of the chinese holy creatures that protects us against misfortune and brings to our household bigger enrichment in wealth. We're talking about creating abundance in wealth for serious Feng Shui practitioners.

Crystal globes have many places for Feng Shui enhancement:
1. For businessmen who wanted success in gaining business from many nations of the world, the crystal globe with Money Frogs is a must to be placed at cash registrars, shop reception, treasurer's desk and safe and any part of business premise which deals with money and customers.
2. The crystal globe with Money Frogs is also suitable to enhance the southeast (known as wealth sectors), in your personal "Sheng Chi" direction (click here to find out) and in the locations of your premise where lucky stars #8 and #9 reside. In these locations, you will experience sudden wind fall from time to time after placing this enhancer.
3. Place anywhere in bedrooms or study desk to enhance literary pursuits for children and examination luck. Similarly, it can also be placed in northeast sector to tap literary luck energy according to 8-Aspiration Theory. It would also help your children win scholarship and gain important places in universities. Northeast is also a sector for earth element. Therefore crystal globes are suitable here.
4. For writers, reporters, journalist and administrators, the crystal globe will enhance fame and recognition. Place it in the south sector to tap the fame energy.
5. For businessmen, it is a must to obtain such globes to ensure global network and enhance sales to be a global one. Place it in the south, southeast and northwest.
6. To gain support from important people and helpful people into your career, literary pursuit and business, be sure to have this item in the northwest.

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