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24K Gold Plated Brass Money Frog

List Price:USD28
Our Price:USD11.88
Material: Brass
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.5x2x1each
Weight: 150g each
ID: HH2507

List Price:USD84
Our Price:USD23.88
Material: Brass
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in):1.5x2x1 each
Weight: 450g (3 pieces)
ID: HH2507set


Product Description
This is a beautiful and high quality 24K gold plated brass elegant money frog. This product is recommended for those seeking for good-buys. For its low priced 3 pcs-value pack, you may easily afford up to 9 pieces for your living room. The Money Frog is made of superb quality brass and this product will be an envy for your peers for many years because they are made to last forever. Biten by its mouth is a chinese potent gold coin. The Money Frog is depicted sitting on a bed full of wealth.There are 7 northern stars on its back and its eyes are dotted. Its mouth is biting the chinese coin to make it an extremely potent wealth energizer. This would be a long lasting item that could be kept for generations to ensure your wealth is passed on to multiple generations.

Side view of the 3 Legged Frog

What Money Frog symbolizes and how to place this object?
Money Frog (also called Three Legged Toad or Frog or "Chan Chu") is the most significant symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. It is linked to the moon due to its transformation during the phases of the moon, associated with monetary gain, wealth and good health. Chinese legends had said Money Frog was the wife of one of the the Eight Immortals. She was being punished for stealing the peach from the heaven. She craves for money and wherever people see a Three Legged Frog, there is a bed of money surrounding it. For generations since ancient China, this mythical Money Frog is one of the five chinese holy creatures that protects us against misfortune and brings to our household bigger enrichment in wealth. We're talking about creating abundance in wealth for serious Feng Shui practitioners.

Traditionally, the Money Frog is usually depicted holding a Ching Dynasty coin in its mouth and sitting on lots of gold ingots, coins and wealth. To make the symbol more powerful, a good Money Frog will have a throne on its head to signify its authority of creating wealth. Besides, a bagua would also be carved on its back to protect against loss of money that had been gained. To enhance it even more, a better Money Frog would also carry strings of chinese coins tied behind its back. Another important factor to consider before purchasing a Money Frog is to ensure there are 7 dots of stars to represent 7 Great North Pole stars of the bagua, which fundamentally triggered the study of Feng Shui in ancient China.

Money Frog can be placed in many places to multiply our wealth and build prosperity:
1. Some of the housewives who pursue for gambling luck would place the item at the altar of the Earth God or Wealth God.
2. For businessmen who wanted success, the Money Frog is a must to be placed at cash registrars, shop reception, treasurer's desk and safe and any part of business premise which deals with money and customers.
3. To invite more wealth luck, additional sources of income and career growth that eventually leads to more income, you may placed either one, three, six or nine Money Frogs randomly in your living room or garden, to signify them hopping as they bring lots of wealth and money scattering all over your home. They can be placed diagonally facing your main door and some inward facing, but never facing straight out of the door and they will never return. Feng Shui Masters believe they go out in the afternoon to collect money and return at nite with lots of money sticking on their feet. Treat them like frogs and not deities, therefore they can be placed on the floor or low. They can also be placed under chairs, tables and sofas or any other isolated places. If they are placed too high, they might be afraid to jump down and go out to look for money. They also cannot be placed in bedroom, kitchen and toilets.
4. To invite constant cash flow and double the income of homes, you may put two Money Frogs on each side of the entrance inside your premise with their heads looking in and not out.
5. Money Frogs are a must to enhance the southeast (known as wealth sectors), in your personal "Sheng Chi" direction (click here to find out) and in the locations of your premise where lucky stars #8 and #9 reside. In these locations, you will experience sudden wind fall from time to time.

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