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Prestigious Crystal Tortoise for Career Luck

List Price: USD34
Our Price:USD11.88
Material: Crystal
Color: Clear Crystal
Dimension(in): 1.5x2.5x1
Weight: 200g
ID: CG3101


Product Description
This tortoise is made from fine quality clear crystal with lead oxide. Crystal is a strong chi enhancers. This immaculate collection item is especially targeted for those seeking to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck. The crystal tortoise will ensure you will never be lacked behind from his ultimate support. This item is especially good for collectors who likes feng shui symbols that could look elegant as well.

What Tortoise symbolizes and how to place the object?
Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice. Tortoises are as essential as dragons. It is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection. According to Lillian Too (the best selling author for Feng Shui books), tortoises are best placed in the north or at the back portion of the premise or home. They can be placed in your garden as well. Unlike limitations for the number of dragons you can own, you may own as many tortoises as you like.

Tortoise produces wonderful results to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck:
1. Place the object in the north sector of your home (or your personal Sheng Chi direction) at living room or dining room and business premise to activate the career corner for a long and successful worklife with neverending support from your boss and a peaceful environment with your counterparts. Also place the symbol at your work desk or behind your back at your work place to enjoy continuous promotion opportunities annually. This is also an effective way to multiply your authority in your management position for managers.
2. Place the Tortoise in the east sector of your house to ensure your family being blessed with good health and longevity. You may also place it facing the main door to ensure long and happy life. When placed facing the door, it could also blessed you with safe journeys and prevent accidents and injuries. Every worktrips you make will be assured with long term gains.
3. The Tortoise placed in an individual's personal "Tien Yi" direction can help those who are sickly in the family or placed in northwest the enhance family patriach.
4. If you are suffering from sleepless/troublesome nites and children having fear to sleep alone in their bedrooms, you may place a tortoise at the headboard of your bed, beside the bed or under the bed for protection and support. Tortoises can also help us overcome nightmares and wetdreams.
5. Tortoises can also be placed in aquariums or together with water features to tap good fortune and all the good benefits of tortoises.

Tortoises can be placed on floor level. Avoid placing tortoises in toilets and kitchen.

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