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Personalized Luck Outlook for Tiger in 2013

Born in: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010
Secret friend: Pig
Allies: Horse, Dog
Career: * * * *
Wealth: * * * * *
Health: * *
Love: * *

Good Stars: Fu Xing star (Prosperity), Tien De star (Heaven Virtue), Fu De star (Fortune Virtue)

Bad Stars: Jie Sha star (Robbery Poison), Liu Hai star (Six Harmful Clashes), Juen She star (Curl Tongue), Jiao Sha star (Crossing Poison), Tian Ku star (Sky Sadness), Liu Hai star (Six Harm)

The tiger harms the Tai Sui this year. When the Tai Sui is harmed, one will not do well simply because you cannot connect well with the rest of the eleven other zodiacs. You cannot get along with anyone, always in confrontation mode and will face difficulty at work. The tiger harbors good hope for a better and an outstanding year. There is a fair mix of good and bad stars in your constellation. The tiger is going to enjoy the best of luck in wealth among all the zodiacs. The propitious Fu Xing star (Prosperity) is a star that secures your life chart to bless you with wealth luck rolling in, everlasting mainstream income and occasional lottery luck. Avoid flaunting your wealth unnecessarily and always be cautious against scam and financial plots. Next, the auspicious Tien De star (Heaven Virtue) will transform any mishap-to-be and negative situations into favorable outcomes. Again, another auspicious Fu De star (Fortune Virtue) lends external help to you. It assists to remove obstacles and turns bad into good. You are likely to enjoy better social status. On the downside, the unlucky Jie Sha star (Robbery Poison) will cause financial losses. Therefore exercise some vigilance on financial fraud/spam and avoid loaning any money to relatives and friends. You will need to guard against burglars by securing your house. Another unlucky Liu Hai star (Six Harmful Clashes) will be giving you many personal disputes that can greatly hinder work progress. It suppresses your mood and stirs up bad temper, causing you to go either on a fight or on self isolation most of the time. Unlucky Juen She star (Curl Tongue) will cause you major disgrace. Please be mindful of your speech and impulsive actions, or else vile words will shatter all your hopes. Another Jiao Sha star (Crossing Poison) stirs interpersonal relationship and ignites gossips that can lead to legal issues. Be mindful that you will need to handle relationship with great care. Tian Ku star (Sky Sadness) makes you break down in tears easily. Last but not least, with Liu Hai star (Six Harm) on strike, spouses and couples quarrel easily. To sum up, you have fantastic wealth luck and enjoy better authority status in your career. But you are entangled with troubles from backstabbers and gossips. Frequent arguments with people are indicated. Your health is poor due to work stress. Pay attention to skin and digestive tract. Love life will not experience rosy moments. Lunar months of 4th, 6th and 7th will see you face high risk of breakup.

Tai Sui - Carry along in your bag the 2013 Tai Sui Talisman. Display the Great Fortune Increasing 5 Element Pi Yao at your workdesk, in your bedroom or in the southeast of your living room.

Wealth Star #8 - Strengthen your wealth pillars by displaying a Gold Money Blossoming in the northeast.

Promotion - Display the Seven Little Wonders at your work desk to tap promotional opportunities. Piglets are your powerful secret friends to help you succeed in your career.

Financial Loss - Carry along the Accelerating Pi Yao Amulet. Similarly you can also wear the Blue Pi Yao Bracelet. You can also display the Elephant Rhinoceros Treasure Vault in the northeast.

3-Killings and Robbery - Carry along or hang at your bedroom's doorknob the 3 Emperor Chilins Coins.

Arguments/Disputes/Health - Display the Red Wulou with Pi Yao in the east.

Gossips/Troubles at Work - Carry along the amulet of Cicada and Ru Yi to remedy office politics.

Anxiety/Stress - Keep under your pillow or near your bed the amulet of the amulet of Exalted One Extremely Pacifying All Hatred.

Love - To strengthen an existing relationship, display the Ring of Sparkling Togetherness by your bed.

Gold Money Blossoming; Red Pi Yao Wulou; Stunning Blue Pi Yao Bracelet; Cicada and Ru Yi Amulet
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