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Year of Snake 2013 is a BLIND YEAR

Warning - copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy. The following contents on the page are written and owned by Feng Shui Bestbuy. No direct or indirect copying without permission is allowed. Article was authored and originated by our Feng Shui Scholar.

Explaining the BLIND YEAR

The beginning of spring follows the SOLAR CALENDAR and falls on the 4th of February every year. It is the lunar new year that is not following the western calendar and this day changes every year, because the lunar new year's day follows the LUNAR CALENDAR. The Year of Snake in 2013 starts on 10th February 2013. And because this day passed the spring day on 4th February 2013, that means the year of Snake is missing in spring ("lap chun" or "li chun"). This phenomenon is known as the "blind year".

A blind year is usually considered as a bad omen. It means NO HARVESTING. This will not be a bountiful year, not favourable for marriages and not good for the newborns. It is going to be a year when the world see problems in the global financial market, household income in general and cash flow for the banks. Businesses may not see profit and sales will decline tremendously. There will also be insufficient food and wealth being distributed globally. Without the "lap chun", every phenomenon on earth cannot revive, all living beings continue to sleep through the winter sleep. There will not be enough sunshine and rain water is not plentiful.

To make up for the missing lap chun, the amulet that works to prevent all problems associated to the blind year will be the Cicada with Ru Yi Amulet (also known as the "golden harvest spring amulet"). This amulet when kept near you or carried along with you will enable you to overcome the risk of beginning on new ventures and promises a good start without any flaw. It helps build a vibrant and awesome year for you, whereby lots of opportunities will present by themselves to you. Prudent investment and asset accumulation will lead to good harvest and success at the end. Everyone including your enemies will become your allies. You do not want anything to cause scratches in your glimmering stairs to advancements.

Cicada with Ru Yi Amulet

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