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Medallion of Triumph - Energy Infused

List Price:USD118
Our Price:USD26.88
Material: Pure Brass and Fortune Wonder Beads
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.6x2.4 in
Weight: 50g
ID: 11-PC-06
Our Price:USD46.88
ID: 11-PC-06st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
This is the amulet of benefactors, nobleman (helpful people), promotion, career and success. It is inscribed with the following auspicious symbols:
1. Ten Emperor Coins - for complete support from powerful people in all endeavours.
2. Promotion to an Official Position - one child in prince's dress holds a plate high in his right hand, which stands for promotion and there is a bronze cup on the plate implying ranks of nobility. Beside the child is a deer, which implies high position and good salary. The images combined together to refer to promotion to an official position.
3. Stepping Over the Blue Clouds - this symbol is used to eulogize the blooming of one's career and smooth progress. It refers to the upgrading of one's social position and can also mean great achievement in one's business.
4. Two powerful Taoist Incantations - first is the incantation for smooth progress in one's career and the second is the incantation of career protection and transformation of any bad luck into good luck.

This amulet will invite you supporter, helpful person or nobleman best for inviting wealth, fortune, good relationship, social life, networking luck, success in career and promotion. It is best used to triumph in ones career, sales and marketing line and business especially when one faces the following situations:
1. Increase the chances of promotion. After putting in hardwork for a long period of time, you deserve a good promotion and salary increment.
2. Invite helpful people or nobleman into your life. Ones success is not due to hardwork, but it is the people you know.
3. Improving networking luck.When working relationships go wrong, your career will be drained.
4. Dissolving tension and anger. Quarrelsome energy will only disrupt creativity and thinking power.
5. Arrest gossips if you are victim of gossip in the office or neighbourhood.
6. Arrest people of ill intention if you are victim of jealousy and politics.
7. To sell a property, business or asset - seeking for buyers by yourself is harder than impossible. It will be easier to obtain important network to help bring in buyers.

This amulet is also best displayed in ones zodiac lucky direction to invite helpful people into their lives and ensures smoothsailing in all their endeavours.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly.

Incantation of Career
Hidden behind this hat are the two "taoist incantations of promotion". Documented in taoist texts, these powerful magic incantations promise:
1. Top promotion being won.
2. Top achievement award being won.
3. Dream come true.
4. Safe and smooth endeavours.

Stepping Over the Blue Clouds and Taoist Incantations; Ten Emperor Coins and Promotion to an Official Position

In today's competitive environment where the annual focal assessment is a major concern, having this amulet will benefit those who desire to win over the tough competition in office and triumph with victory. Display the amulet in the north sector of your living room or on your work desk to improve your career luck and to enable easier promotional opportunities with real salary increment. There is no point having a promotion with no increment. One can also display it at his personal sheng chi direction according to his kua number. It would also help one gather more support from subordinates and peers, besides having more command over difficult employees. Relationships with peers would be smoothen and friends would become more abundant. This will result in joyful wealth improvement. The amulet is suitable for those who are ambitious and seeking to climb up the career ladder.

Also everyone needs protection against negative vibes sent out by unscrupulous people, especially if you are working in complex corporation and working overseas. It is best to carry along or keep this amulet with you. If you cannot, there are other places you can display the amulet:
1. To ensure a smootsailing career without bad politics which will result in increased money in your pocket, display it at your work desk.
2. To increase wealth achievement and riches in life, display it in your sheng chi direction, SE universal wealth corner and water star-8 location in your home or workplace.
3. To increase ones personal benefactor's luck, one should display it at your personal zodiac direction to improve your personal luck:
Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW


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